Empowering healthcare through evidence based solutions

The practices are split by business function:

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Prescient Life Sciences is a global consultancy (since 1995), with offices in London, New Jersey, San Francisco, New Delhi and Beijing.

We partner with biopharmaceutical clients and other organizations supporting the life sciences industry in the provision of evidence based solutions.

The value added nature of our client engagements helps optimize their product and corporate development strategies, maximizing return on investment opportunities.

The insight, implications and solutions we deliver are developed through a combination of in-depth, targeted and timely evidence analyzed by industry, functional and disease area experts.

For further information please contact us on enquiries@prescientls.com

Cost of Drug Development

$1,300,000,000 is the average cost to develop one medicine. This amount is up from $138 million in 1975, $318 million in 1987 and $802 million in 2000

Pharmaceutical Industry

The growing cost of healthcare is unavoidable in today’s climate; drug expenditure is forecast to increase by around 5% annually over the next 3-5 years.

Pharmerging Markets

EM7 predicted to grow at a rate of 14-17% through to 2014. China is expected to continue to grow at a 20+% pace annually, and contribute 21% of global growth until 2013.

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